Cold Coffee with Ice Cream

Blended iced coffee, ice cream.

AED 19.00

Cold Coffee

Blended iced coffee.

AED 14.00

Mango / Kesar / Strawberry Lassi

Mango-infused / Saffron-infused / Strawberryinfused sweet yoghurt shake.

AED 14.00

Masala Lassi

Yoghurt shake, spices.

AED 14.00

Lassi (Sweet / Salted)

Yoghurt shake, sweet or salted.

AED 11.00

Classic buttermik.

AED 10.00

Jal Jeera Water / Soda

Water or soda, jal jeera spices.

AED 09.00

Fresh Lime with Mint

Water, fresh Indian limes, mint leaves.

AED 09.00

Fresh Lime Water / Soda

Fresh Indian limes, water or soda.
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AED 09.00/10.00

Cocum Sherbet (Soda/Coke/ Sprite)

Cocum-infused soda/coke/sprite.

AED 10.00

Aerated Drinks

AED 04.00

Natural Spring Water (Small)

AED 02.00

Natural Spring Water (Large)

AED 04.00