At Kamat we take unabashed pride in serving over 360 phenomenal vegetarian delicacies from all corners of the Indian subcontinent, and an array of delicious Chinese delights. With that being said, Kamat is so much more than an award-winning vegetarian restaurant. It’s where people make memories and celebrate life with family and friends. Kamat is an unforgettable experience and truly The Love of a Vegetarian.



At Kamat, we truly believe that every meal is a celebration and every culinary creation is a work of art. We cater to the taste buds of perfectionists and leave no stone unturned to dish out the best. Right from sourcing the finest ingredients to making magic in our kitchens, every single preparation is a labour of love.

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The Range

If vegetarianism ever meant a lack of options, it now means too many to choose from! Whether you’re in the mood for North Indian classics, South Indian delicacies, Chinese treats or some fantastic fusion, Kamat proves that it’s possible to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of them all too! So, brace yourself for an unforgettable explosion of flavours that’s bound to keep you coming back.

Treat yourself to superb South Indian favourites that are bound to keep you wanting more.

Whether you’re craving steaming hot Idlis, delightfully crunchy Wadas, light and crispy Dosas or a wholesome bowl of Bisi Bele Bhath, Kamat has it all. Treat yourself to an impeccable array of delectable South Indian delights prepared to perfection.

Tuck into scrumptious North Indian delicacies that are a treat to the eyes and the palate.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Paneer Tikka Masala, a traditional Sarson Ka Saag or a comforting Dal Makhani, there’s no end to the options available to you. Kamat’s impressively extensive North Indian menu is sure to leave you thoroughly satiated.

Nothing says immense satisfaction like a glorious Chinese feast.

Dive into a zesty Lemon Coriander Soup, sink your teeth into supremely crispy Spring Rolls and relish a bowl of tantalizing Paneer Hakka Noodles with a side of terrific Mushroom Manchurian. Kamat’s spectacular Chinese selections are bound to leave you spoilt for choice.

It's hard to beat the gratification of a perfectly made Pani Puri bursting in your mouth.

Or the delightful crunch of Sev Puri that makes your heart sing with joy. At Kamat, we understand that Chaat is an emotion, and our stunning range is bound to keep you coming back for more. Prepare for a glorious explosion of flavours and textures.

When hunger pangs strike and you’re feeling adventurous, Kamat’s fusion delights are the way to go.

Imagine digging into a divinely zingy Chinese Bhel, a magnificently flavorful Paneer Chilli Dosa and a marvelously luscious Pav Bhaji Dosa. Kamat’s unconventional treats are an exceptional burst of flavours and textures that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

At Kamat, there’s no such thing as a lack of options.

We firmly believe that no appetite should be left unfulfilled. Which is exactly why we have the option of Jain style preparations, for several of the dishes on our extensive menu. We are the masters of tweaking dishes and adapting recipes to suit your dietary preferences, all while retaining the rich and robust flavours of every delicacy.



We are what we are thanks to the encouragement, love and constructive criticism we have received over the years. We especially love hearing all about our esteemed patrons Kamat experiences. Here are some terrific testimonials that add spice to our life. 

"Kamat can never go wrong on food. Tried and tested! The service over here is absolutely amazing, with all the staff being extremely warm."

Kamat, JLT

"I m a frequent customer to Kamat being a vegetarian past 25 years! Your South Indian dishes are super excellent. The best part of your restaurants is that you are consistent with your menu dishes. Best place to with family and friends!"

Sakshi Advani
Kamat, Mankhool

"Food delivery was fast and food was warm. We ordered tiranga veg that was great in taste, and breads were soft and perfectly cooked. Overall experience was great. Will definitely order again and again."

Kamat, JLT

“It’s a very good restaurant. Every weekend I go for lunch with my family there for years. Very nice ambience and they have maintained the quality as well. We don’t even try any other restaurant. Must go place.”

Vijay Kumar
Kamat, Qusais

“Being a hotelier and vegetarian and big foodie from India's food district Delhi, I was searching for authentic Indian taste and I found Kamat tried today and marked this for all my future food orders and dine in experience.”

Gaurav Upadhyay
Kamat, Mankhool

“I really have always had a very good experience eating at Kamat. All the dishes are so authentic and amazing. I always recommend Kamat to everyone.”

Shyamalee A.
Kamat, Business Bay

“This is the best place for every vegetarian lover in Dubai. I absolutely loved every dish - from starters to the dessert it was really delicious and the presentation was perfect. The servers were also polite. Thank you Kamat for this memorable dinner time.”

Vasanthi Sekar
Kamat, Mankhool

“It was wonderful visiting Kamat. I ordered butter paneer masala, garlic naan and chaat. Some of the order was purely Jain, that is without onion and garlic. I was amazed how amazing it tasted. Paneer butter masala has become my absolute favorite.”

Kamat, Abu Shagara

“Delicious food, great ambience, super friendly staff & clean interiors. Being from Delhi, I was really missing the chats and I am super exited to try all the items in the menu. ”

Kamat, JLT

“I had the wholesome thali today and must say that it is a complete balanced meal with a variety of vegetables and pulses to suit everyone's taste. It is definitely value for money. I recommend it totally and vouch for its taste 100%. Way to go Kamat.”

Dev Kumar
Kamat, Mankhool


Kamat promises to be The Love of a Vegetarian, placing utmost importance on superlative quality and stringent hygiene standards across all levels of food preparation. We strongly believe in quality assurance, right from sourcing the finest ingredients to serving impeccable dishes in immaculate settings. No compromise whatsoever!

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